Sunday, January 20, 2013

Everything went fine

Someone reminded me I dropped the ball and didn't keep up with the move.  Sorry!!  I am in my tenth month here and have had very few problems with the house. 

Ryan has been OK.. I did have to make calls to them a few times when first moving in to get some miner repairs done.  Most of my problems have came from the landscaping.  Their was quite a drainage problem in the back of the house, that took pulling teeth from them to fix.  Me and my neighbor had to tag team them in order to have them install a retaining wall and resod/overseed some of the area. 

The neighbor turned out to be a really good choice.  Nice mixture of young and older. 

The ten month inspection came up and all I had was some dry wall nail pops which I am waiting for the year mark to get them fix. 

I will update some pictures here soon!!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Cold week in AK

It has been an extremely cold week, most days a high of -10.  We decided to concentrate on packing and moving things to storage when it gets a little more warmer, maybe 10 degrees above.

Things are going well with the house development.  The PM called right on scheduled as he always does and says there are no problems or delays. 

With only one more week to get everything out of our house here in Alaska, the stress levels are starting to go up a notch, or two.  We still have to ship the truck but can't do that because we need it to move items.   It is going to be a close finish here, but I think we can handle the pressure. 

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Framing Complete

Looks like things are going better in SC than here in Alaska.  The frame is up and starting to look a little like a house now.  I believe our closing will still be pushed forward a little, but it looks like we are delaying things  here in Anchorage too.  The weather dropped to -20F today and it looks like we won't get much production with the packing and storing.  Still have to ship our vehicle and items that we are going to need in SC.  We are keeping positive though and believe we will be out of Alaska by the end of January. 

Still packing but getting closer

The movers or should I say the "haul it away guys" showed up today to take away the furniture I no longer want.  It's funny with so many homeless or people really in the need of furniture, you think there would be an easy way to just call someone to come and get the items.  I actually got lucky and happened to see a Goodwill truck two days ago and asked the driver if he would stop by.  He told me to call his office but to be sure to ask for him.  Kind of strange to have had to do it that way, but he arrived and hauled it away.  Lots more snow this week but expecting to stop through the weekend.  That normally means the temperatures will be dipping into the negative teens.  Making some leeway though, and hope to be all moved out by next Friday or Saturday. 

In South Carolina, the PM called today and the framing is just about complete and the plumbing and wiring will be starting soon.  Pre-drywall meeting will be conducted by phone next Friday.  Still waiting on pictures from my realtor, who seems to be starting to slack off on me.  Once I get into the area early next month, I will be posting pictures on a daily basis. 

Sorry about the snow, but please haul it away!

There is another truck over there somewhere

Sunday, January 8, 2012

More snow slows us down

Well another day in Anchorage, another day of snow.  I realized that it was going to be a tough move in January, but I never imagine we would be having record setting snow falls.   I think you can always expect the unexpected and still remain positive.  That is exactly what we will do.  Take a step back, wait for the snow to let up and then press on.  Still no word on the  situation with Ryan Homes making some adjustments.  If nothing tomorrow, I will have to use one of my old tricks.  We write about that later.    Until then, let the snow stop.  Please!

Downtown Anchorage Alaska 01.08.2012

Friday, January 6, 2012

Problem in SC with Ryan Homes

Everything is going well in Anchorage, but back in South Carolina we seem to be having a problem with our developer Ryan Homes.  We had an agreement on a price after several weeks of negotiating back and forth and there was an $8000.00 credit that was not accounted for until after the fact.  Now I am back at the table with an offer that should only involve a change order.  I just want an item added back into the contract that I took out to make room for my price (only because the numbers were not right).  They seem to be ignoring my request.  This is the first issue we have had with the developer so we are staying positive that this will be resolved. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Going slow but going

Slow in the cold, but it’s going here in Alaska.  A little tough to move boxes and furniture in the -4 degree weather, but we are slowly moving forward.  Meanwhile in SC, the weather also took a turn for the worse dipping down to freezing, but the PM did say that framing should start this Friday.   Good news, but it looks as though our closing will be pushed out to mid-March.   We should get some more pictures up from our realtor, who has been keeping an eye on the project until we get there.  Hopefully we should see some significant progress on the new home early next week.  

Storage facility in Anchorage  

Got a couple of boxes in there, its a start more to come