Sunday, January 20, 2013

Everything went fine

Someone reminded me I dropped the ball and didn't keep up with the move.  Sorry!!  I am in my tenth month here and have had very few problems with the house. 

Ryan has been OK.. I did have to make calls to them a few times when first moving in to get some miner repairs done.  Most of my problems have came from the landscaping.  Their was quite a drainage problem in the back of the house, that took pulling teeth from them to fix.  Me and my neighbor had to tag team them in order to have them install a retaining wall and resod/overseed some of the area. 

The neighbor turned out to be a really good choice.  Nice mixture of young and older. 

The ten month inspection came up and all I had was some dry wall nail pops which I am waiting for the year mark to get them fix. 

I will update some pictures here soon!!

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  1. Can you put up a picture of your home? we are building a naples with a side load garage and are having a hard time finding pictures with a side load.